Monday, July 4, 2011


Lovina is my home place in secondlife. It is named after Lovina a town on Bali (Indonesia). I loved to be there and see all the beautiful fishes in the water. In secondlife i created my own undersea world. I am always struggling with the fact that my prims are never enough for all my wishes and ideas. But... a friend helped this weekend to decline prims of my home and plants. And so i can realise more... My turtle mama can swim again, as you can see on the picture.
In Lovina i also have a gallery for photoexpositions. Be welcome :)

I have a diving suit and flippers, glasses, inhaler and all that stuff, but now i wear underwater the *Hiyori* summergift with ribbon in the hair. Go there and take this nice gift and wait at the lucky board for another nice gift. Have luck!! The flats fit with the colour of the shirt. The bracelet i show you better then on the earlier post.

Shirt with hair ribbon:~*Hiyori*~ - ~*Hiyori*~Little Summer_gift (free)
Flats: 50 flats - 50flats Citrusy Gift -Updated textures!!! ( free)

Come see my place and gallery, Nic

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