Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Omnom Hunt!

I'm getting back into hunt mode with a new month and lots of new ones that have started. If it's been your burning desire to dress like food, with food or pose with food, this is absolutely the hunt for you! It's a small hunt, 32 shops, pretty much filled with fun, silly stuff. Looking for burgers! Read more about the hunt here. Some of the goodies:
This is a Fawn: Burger Tee
Accessories by Eolande: Sushi Bracelet
*December*: Glasses No.40
*mocoin*: Cookie Necklace
Love Soul: SP Hamburger Tray

WhoNose: Butcher's Wife - come with everything shown (minus my shape and skin)
Milestone Creations: Burger Pose
Creative Insanity: Rider AO (comes with hot dog, ice cream, carrot, lollipop)
Sanu: Burger Dress
Lo*momo: Omnom Outfit (includes tray and pose)

Cutie Honey: Ice cream dress set
Concrete Flowers: Yummy Donuts. This is so cute! It says wisecracks when someone touches your tray like: You know what? Iam SICK of people trying to eat my donuts!, You can look at all these yummy donuts but NOT touch them!, etc. lol

ok, now I think I need a snack.....


Anonymous said...

Can you post a hint on where the hamburger tray is at Love Soul?

Thank you :)

Karina Larkham said...

There were two at Love Soul and unfortunately I only found one which was in a green kitchen :)

Anonymous said...

I am lost a wishbox any help?
Thank you;)

Karina Larkham said...

Actually Wishbox was on the blog to be skipped when I did the hunt. It may still need to be. I believe the owner was having computer problems.

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