Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look At Me!

A lot of bloggers have their "look of the day". Frankly, I'm too lazy to spend a lot of time putting a "look" together and everyone has their own style anyways. However, in that spirit I have a "everything I have on is free - you can get it today" look which is simply free stuff I'm wearing all at the same time. Yay!

Buttons: Ease Mint Skin. Group gift. A bunch of beautiful new releases in the shop as well. Love these as they all have heavy eyes, which I adore.

$GaNKeD$: Broadway Lights. Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Set. This is free set available only at the Accessories Fair, which the surl will take you too. $GaNKeD$ is my new favorite shop for jewelry and this is totally the kind of stuff I pine away for in real life.

!SyDS! Hair: Love is like a butterfly - Raven. This is the new release from !SyDS! Hair and available in the Lucky Board (which is where I got it - so freeeee). The prize is also available for a discounted price below the board if you have more money then time.

The Sea Hole: Who Ate Dress. This is from The Chase of the Beast Hunt which I somehow forgot to include in my post about it. (I think my inventory ate it for a bit). I've seen this blogged to bits already but I had to include it as it's totally righteous!

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