Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clothing Fair 2010!

It's started kids.  There are freebies to be found.  I only managed to get through 2 of the 9 sims (London and Melbourne) so I'm sure there is bunches more that I'll post later.  You can read more about the fair here.  Unfortunately, the RFL vendor items seemed to be the last thing to rezz for me so I'm going to go back when things have died down a bit to make my donation purchases (any excuse to go back I know).  There's also a hunt of sorts with 17 globes for sale from 10-30L with all proceeds going towards RFL.  This is a wonderful opportunity to shop at your favorite stores, pick up some great stuff, grab some freebies and support a wonderful cause!  See you there!

Sn@tch: Summer of '10 Bikini, royal bangles and pink tiara (I may never take this off I love it!) 0L
Prism: Frills in pale green 0L
Miamai: Mara Numb 0L
G Sloane Couture: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend 0L

DollyRock: Anita Flexi Dress 0L
Evie's Closet: RFL 2010 - Bikini, Skirt and Wings 0L
Pixel Passion: Starlight Skirt Purple 1L

Don't forget to check your ARC at the door.  I had forgotten - so imagine my surprise when I checked and saw it was this  (click photo to enlarge).  I think mine is a little wonky since even after I removed absolutely everything - I was still at 50,000 something when I would have normally been at like 100.  Weird!  The less you are the fast you (and everyone else) can move about.  


Thaumata Strangelove said...

The new version of Emerald uses a different calculation for ARC than the old one or the official viewer. That's why it reads so high for you despite your removing things.

Karina Larkham said...

Yeah I figured that out (eventually). No idea how they determine it now and what is too high and what is too low - I've been pretty much lagging and running slow regardless.

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