Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ibizarre new releases

I love Ibizarre's newest releases! Anyusha's been experimenting with prims and it resulted in some very original pieces. I have a hard time deciding what to wear, just because I can't choose which I love the most.

This is the Amanda Tunika, an oversized shirtdress that you could throw over your bikini after a day at the beach... casual sexiness. It has a clothing layer beneath it but consists mainly of prims.

The Breeze Top doesn't come with a clothing layer, but I thought it covered my nippies just fine. Then this conversation followed:
- Joe: I love that top
- Joe: I can see your tits - nice
- Nere: I love it too - will definitely be blogging it
- Nere: neat thing is top is only prims... no clothing layers
- Joe: I know, I just derendered the bust

So you might want to wear bandaids or a top beneath if you're a bit prudish :)

Night all!

Kus Nere

Style credits:

pic #1
Skin: Tuli - Eva (tone 3, 01a --> Will be released 18th March and is gorgeous!)
Hair: - Marie (passionate red)
Top: Ibizarre - Amanda Tunika

pic #2
Skin: Tuli - Eva (tone 3, 09a)
Hair: - Miley (passionate red)
Top: Ibizarre - Breeze Top (Cookie Grunge)
Pants: Ume Mode - Choco Pants

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