Friday, July 3, 2009

My New Favorite Hairstore!

Yeah I know, like I needed another... I first saw Raspberry Aristocrat at the Hairfair and bought those, then I went to the actual shop and got a freebie (shown on bottom right) and then went ahead and bought another. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to textures on hair and this shop has my personal stamp of approval (which may mean something only to myself). There is not much of a selection at the moment but lots of shop space so I'm hoping that they are planning to expand. You can pick up the freebie and take a quick look at Raspberry Aristocrat here. Ooo - and the cardigan and belt I have in all the pictures I got from the DSN Dropbox for MichaMi. If you have not signed up for the dropbox yet you can do so here. I have seen them in quite a few other shops as well. Don't know what the DSN is yet? (shame on me for not telling you sooner!) It's basically a Subscribo (no group slots taken yay) and you choose which categories (or all) you would like to receive for and then every morning - BAM freebies await you from various designers in each of the categories. Trust me - you want this so sign up!

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