Sunday, July 5, 2009

All I Heard Was Something About A Hamster....

and I wanted to do this hunt. I was on vacation when they were giving the elephant away and I was not going to let a hamster pass me by. This was by far the most fun hunt I've done in a very long time. Not only because I had two of my very best friends Mari and Mel with me but the stuff we found has packed my stupid stuff folder full! Of course the highlight of the whole thing were the ridable My Little Ponies - which were not part of the hunt but for 1L none of us could possibly pass them up! Want your own? You can get the ponies and look for the Gummy Bears scattered throughout the Unwanted sim here.

Relaxing on the Candy Lounge

I had to get the hand held Pony too (also 1L)

The Ponies!!!

Me on the dancing Gummy Bear and Mari Monkeying around.

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