Sunday, February 25, 2018

it's all 'bout the money...

Sometimes i find another world inside my mind...when i realise the crazy things we makes me ashamed to be alive.. it makes me wanne run and's all 'bout the money...( songtext Meja)
This is such a place where Nic is sitting that made me think:" it's all 'bout the money".
A place with guns, alcohol, money and games. We know how money and guns has very severe consequences in the USA. Terrible! I support with my whole heart the children who are fighting for a better situation there.

Nic is showing you pants from .:villena:. for Kustom9. You also get a version with a side stripe. The back part  is so sexy of this pants. The shoes are a gift at the Hipster fair from Chic&Shoes(C&S). Comes with a color hud. Nic is wearing earrings from Loordes of London (an exclusive at the Hipster fair). At the fair you can also get an earring gift for 10ld from Loordes of London. Many gifts in the shops everywhere. Be alert they are not all totally free, sometimes 1ld or 10ld.
I went to taketomi to the taketomi club room and joined the group. Group join fee. When you are in that group you can buy your new club hairs fatpacks for just 50ld. The retired club hairs will be after 2 weeks 450ld. At the moment there are two club hairs for 50ld each. Nic's top is a gift in the Apple May Designs shop in the rack. You get a silver and a gold version.You need join the Apple May Designs group for 25ld.

Hair: #taketomiWEST : #taketomiWEST - Sasha - Fatpack (add)- Sasha - Fatpack (50ld  for the taketomi club group/ group join fee)
Pants: .:villena:. at Kustom9- .:villena:. - Ruffled Sweatpants - Olive(NEW)
Top: Apple May Designs -  (AMD) Annelie Tops - Metals ( free/ group join 25ld)
Shoes: C&S at Hipsters Fair- THF2018 Chic & Shoes Gift (free)
Earrings: Loordes of London at Hipster Fair - Origin-#4 ( exclusive at Fair/ also an earring gift for 10ld there)
Rings: Elle Boutique at Hipster Fair - Elle Boutique Hipster Ring (free)
Breast Tattoo: Juna at eBento ( febr)Juna: Blume tattoo Woman Bag (NEW)
Arms Tattoo ( and also under top): Juna for eBento (febr) - Juna: Emily tattoo Woman (NEW)
From inventory: Head - LeLutka; Skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya

Decor: Secret Agent's Table - [ zerkalo ] - [ zerkalo ]  Secret Agent's table.
House: Apple Fall - Apple Fall Old Manufactory
From inventory:Chairs -  Polar Bear(old gift); liquors - AXL Pro; wine and rose - NikotiN; money box - Mesh India.
Pictures taken at a secret place
Bye bye, Nic

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