Friday, February 9, 2018

dreaming about La Dolce Vita

Dream time yes about La Dolce Vita in this new bedroom. Filled with Valentine items, but not too much in your opinion, i hope. But anyway.. it's the time for Valentines stuff. So we can be as romantic or sexy as we want to be. A picture with a naughty theme you can see below. So scroll. Click the small picture to enlarge.

Nic is wearing a new groupgift for Valentines day from Scandalize. You get the bra and pantie in red, black, pink and white. Over the lingerie Nic is wearing  a loose lace tank with open sides from Jana & Littles SL World. Comes with a hud for many textures and colors. Nic's hair is from Truth, 50% off at the new SL Event. Event name: Shop Your Heart Out. Laura told me that there are many gifts too there.

I made the decor in a new release from unKindness, the modern Serenity Home, available at February's Builder's Box. The home is on sale now. The dark ground and walls make a soft impression. It gives me a luxurios feeling.
The bed, bed stands, the ruffled rug, the storage ottoman, the screen and more are all from the bed set from unKindness released for FaMESHed in the Valentines round. The red heart lamps are a gift for the FaMESHed group. I made shelves on the wall. On it are funny cacti with cat faces from (NO) from a gacha some time ago. Roses from Ariskea (also on the ottoman). Marble vases from Salacity.

Salacity has a new shop.Where you can see all the furniture better. Because of the move they made more decor items. The table near the window is such a new made decor item. The shopping district, where they have there new shop, has this weekend ( 10 febr and 11 febr) a grand reopening.  There will be free give-aways and great discounts. On the ottoman you see a squeezer from the lunch days gacha from ::UNA:: ( see also here) The make-up is from tres blah. The worn panties on the ottoman are from Salacity. From Salacity you see a pose with board on the picture totally below. At the event is in the booth a giveaway version of one of the Heart Shades pose props. The "Love" word on the shelves is, when you make it big, a nice pose prop, Both available  at Truth or Dare Affair. See for more info the credits

Lingerie: Scandalize -Scandalize. Vday-PINK (free/ group join fee)
Loose tank: Jana&Littles World -JL-  Sarah Loose Tank (HUD) (NEW)
Hair: Truth at SYHO - TRUTH Farryn - Blonde ( 50% off during event)
From inventory: head - LeLutka, skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya; Slippers - Blaraby

Home: unKindness for Builder's Box -  uk - Modern Serenity Home - Builders Box (NEW/sale)
Bedroom items ( see in the text): unKindness at FaMESHed -uk - That's Amore Bedroom Set (NEW)
Red heart lamps:unKindness at FaMESHed - uk - That's Amore Gift Red Heart Lamps Set (free)
Lemon Squeezer: UNA at TGG -  in Lunchs day gacha ::UNA::
Pose prop: Salacity at Truth or Dare Affair Event - Salacity Love photo prop (NEW)
Tripod table ( near the window): Salacity - Salacity Tripod table (NEW)
Marble vase: Salacity - Salacity Marble Vase (NEW)
Lamps on the night stands: Salacity - Salacity  Library lamp (NEW)
Worn panties: Salacity - Salacity worn stained panties (NEW)
Make-up box: tres blah -tres blah- Jolie - Makeup Organizer (gacha)
Nail polish: tres blah - tres blah - Jolie - nail polis (gacha)
Chair (near the dogs): Apple Fall - 6.Apple Fall Shauna's chair (gacha)
Roses: Ariskea - Ariskea[Nordica] Hybrid Roses Peach
Peonies: Ariskea -  <3Ariskea[May]Poenies Boxes <3 (free/ group join fee)
Pose with board: Salacity/ Cara's Creation at Truth or Dare  - Salacity/ CC_LDV_ Salacity_ SUB4YOU plate (NEW/gacha) Attention a heart shade is a gift there!
Dogs: JIAN - JIAN Lively Labs :: Family Bed (gacha)
From inventory: lemon summer time drink - Knot&Co ( old gift); sunday paper - dust.bunny; Petite Robe black (decor) - Dead Dollz ( old gift); plants - Soy. and {what next}; secret stash - .epoch. ( old gift; rose petals - Persefona; towel - Soy.; cacti - (NO)
Bye bye, Nic ♥

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