Friday, February 16, 2018

bound by love

Bound by love. Bound by the love we feel. Bound by a love that heals. Bound by a love that lives. Bound by a love that gives. Bound by the family one. There are bonds that set us free. For all to be what they want to be. We are bound by the love we feel.
Love is great. Love is bigger then we are. Love is a mystery.
Reflections of Nic in the night ( some sentences are from John Hiatt).

This all because of the dress on the pictures from ::UNA:: from the Bound Box. Bound box is a subscription mystery box ( you don't know what you get/ like Luxe box or Deco(c)rate)  In 2018 the first is sent in February. The others will follow in May, August and November. It's a kinky subscription box for a bit naughty pleasures. To get the bound box tp yourself to a subscribtion kiosk ( for example here). Each box is 1500ld. On the 12th of the month all subscribers receive a hud with the participating designer. If you missed a box, you can get it after 3 month for 3500ld. More info here.There is an adult flickr group where you can see all.

Nic is showing you the opaque and the transparent version from the dress. There is a hud with 9 colors. I made a loving angel from Nic with the angel wings from Scandalize in the Valentines groupgift.

Be alert: this weekend there is a hunt at Scandalize, just this weekend. You hunt for 4 outfits. Find a pink box.
And free group join this weekend too!!

The hair is a gift from Exile at the Shop Your Heart Out Event. I found back in the hud from LeLutka this head color from Glam affair. In the Maitreya hud is also this skin tone for the body. Used eyes are Ikon Triumph ( color Armor).

Nic is laying and sitting on a bed from Pixel Mode. Tya Fallingbridge, the designer, uses on her beds sometimes these gorgeous colored satins for the sheets and pillows ( black, red, royal blue or purple). Very sensual in my opinion.
Click small picture to enlarge.

Dress: ::UNA:: for Bound Box -
Wings: Scandalize - Scandalize. Vday-( black, pink, white, red) Comes with the lingerie showed here (free/ but group join fee)
Hair: Exile for SYHO - Exile Adam and Gemma Valentines Gift (free)
Eyes: IKON - IKON Triump ( Armor)
From inventory: Skin - Glam Affair ( in the Maitreya and LeLutka hud); Head - LeLutka, Body - Maitreya; shoes - REIGN ( Reignmas gift 1/ 2017)

Bed: Pixel Mode -  [PM] Tangled bed ( adult and pg version)
Bed: Pixel Mode -  [PM] - Starlight bed ( showed before here)
Near the bed you can find a Pleasures Toys Tray
Bye bye, Nic

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