Monday, February 1, 2016

clothes make the man

It's been well-established—in the scientific literature and real life—that what we wear affects how others perceive us. And what we wear is how we perceive our selves.  
Tjip is dressed in some different casual styles. May be when you look at him it influences how you perceive him. The first look makes him a nice casual Frenchman? The second look makes him thicker and ready for a rough time in the woods? The third look with the aviator glasses and the aviator jacket makes him like an artist or a man who has an interesting  free  job? The fourth is the totally casual look for the home man in the weekend? 
Tjip wears on the first picture a jacket with shirt from the MENstuff hunt. The other clothes, the aviator glasses (on the pictures ) and the black shoes are all gifts at [R] 360. I was excited to find so many good quality gifts in that shop.  So i decided to show all in a special male post. The presents you will find under the racks ( also upstairs)

Jacket with shirt ( 1st picture); {Fe Style} - {Fe Style} Wekleh Jacket  w/T-Shirt  / MHJ2016 (free)
Jeans (1st picture): [R]_360 - [R]_360_Mens_Renegade_Denim_Jeans_(Light-Blue-Mesh)_(free)
Shoes (1st picture): [R] 360 - [R] 360 Mens Hiking Boots_(free)
Bomber jacket (second pic):[R]_360 - [R]_360_Athletic_Quilted_Jacket_(M-Brown) (free)
Light brown jeans ( second picture): [R] 360 - [R] 360 Ranger Denim Jeans (Light-Brown) (free)
Jacket and goggles (third picture): [R]_360 -[R]_360_Aviator_Leather_Jacket_(M-Blue)_(free)
Hoodie (4th pic): [R] 360 - [R] 360 Sports Open Hoddie (M-Maroon) [VIP](free)
Shirt (4th pic): [R] 360 - [R] 360 Henley Cotton Shirt (M-Orange) [VIP](free)
Pictures made at: St. Pete City
Bye bye, Nic

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