Saturday, February 15, 2014

waiting for the wedding guests

No Nic will not go to the church for her wedding. She is waiting for the bride and bridegroom and the guests. She likes to go to the weddingparty tonight.
Isn't she sexy in her beautiful gown. The  dress comes with jewelry ( see the necklace on the first picture) and a hat. Watch the rose on Nic's hip. It has golden glitters. The gown must have spanish influences. It is a mesh gown with non mesh parts. The armband is from Lazuri. Yesterday Valentines Jewelry was released at Lazuri for groupmembers. Earrings choker, bracelets and a necklace. One gift was free for all. Have a look overthere.

Gown: Paris Fashion - PARIS FASHION ROSES FOR VALENTINE ( necklace and more included)
Bracelet: Lazuri - Lazuri Regal Desire - Red - Bracelets ( free for all)
From inventory: Hair - Truth; Shoes - Maitreya

Bye bye, Nic

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