Monday, February 24, 2014


A post for the Fab Free challenge #6. The theme is: " take a Sl Vacation". Clothes have to be free totally. Well in this rumple top and rumple pants it wasn't difficult for Nic, as great traveller, to know where she wanted to go. This bedouin tent and desert in the Garden of Dreams are good places for vacation. In the Garden of Dreams you can find teleport bubbles. Sit in a bubble and choose your vacation destination. The rumple top and pants and the travel bag are from Purple Moon's cherry hunt.
The hair is the latest gift from the Little Bones group. Join the group, go to info and notices and click on the attachment. And the hair is your's. It comes with a hud for more colors. I already got so many nice hairs in that group. I can recommend it .

Pants: Purple Moon - :: PM :: Cherry #11 (free)
Top: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #10 (free)
Bag: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #12 (free)
Hair: Little Bones - little bones. Bang Bang - GIFT (free)
Pictures made at: Garden of Dreams

Bye bye, Nic

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