Friday, June 14, 2013

tea time with Soraya at the seaside

Soraya had a day off from work and it was cold in rl. So what could we better do then make pictures in sl and some shopping afterwards? Nic checked if her table was perfect and then Soraya came. I also wanted invite tjip but then the pc got frosen. Soraya had to wait longtime for Nic's return. She fell asleep. Like Nic also Soraya is a marine lover.
Below you see Nic as happy as can be with her new shoes from BSD ( at L'Accessoires) and another Rare item from the Gatcha at The Chapter Four.

It is sale at  Alice Project 50% off. You can get 2 sorts of packets when you buy the hair. The one  that was sold before and the" create your own" packet. Create your own allows you to pick one color from the entire Alice Project color catalog per hair style in the pack. 5 copies to dye in your favorite colors. And the pack includes complete collection of CYo huds. Good to know is:  that you see may be demo words written on your hair, but when you click apply after you choosed your color ( at the top of your hud is the apply button) then demo words on your hair disappear.

Nic wears on the first pictures another blouse from potcha from the gatcha at The Chapter Four. The elegant pencil dress is a free groupgift from Miss Canning. The pumps are a groupgift from Flame fashion. Later Tjip arrived. He wears a shirt, that he wanted to show, but the girls were gone. Next time better Tjip. But the cookies were delicious or weren't they?
Tjip wears:
Shirt: OG Kush - {OG KUSH}-Haters Gonna Hate ( free)

Soraya wears:
Marine dress: *Luas* - *Luas* Urban Style Paula dress stripes (50ld)
Bag: Ricielli - Ricielli LOVE MOMMY 2013 Hunt ITEM #19 ( 3 colors in the packet, 15ld)
Ballet flats: Luce Gold's - *LG* Blue ballerinas Sabrinas Azuis ( 10ld)
From her inventory:Scarf - Redgrave; Hair - Analog Dog.

Nic wears:
Blouse: potcha -(= potcha. summer blouse rare ( 55ld)
Hair: Alice Project - Alice Project - Grace - Create Your Own (50% sale, 175ld)
Pumps: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}supermodel PARTY TIME
Dress: Miss Canning - :: Miss canning :: [ Cubes Pencil Dress + Lolas tango aplliers](free)
Pumps in gold: Flame fashion-group Gift high heels ( free)
Black Pumps: BSD at L'Accessoires -  ~~~~{{BSD Design studio}}Chic model black

Bye bye, Nic

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Sorraya said...

sooo lustig war das wir haben sehr gelacht über die sleeping bilder...mein mann auch :-)
lg und ganz bald wieder..immer so schön
das hat so spaß gemacht,
wow tijp so tolles shirt ingo will das auch haben

insider tip ... new heine katalog seite 38 scarf . bin heute nicht in sl darum info hier,habe schon bestellt tolles outfit.glg bis morgen maus falls du da bist .:-))

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