Friday, June 14, 2013


Nic loves animals. But visiting a farm in her new clothes isn't may be not such a good idea. Dirty shoes may be.
Last days i do some denim posts and to my surprise the theme from the  Limited Bazar at the Euphoria mall was also denim. I was there exact in time at the opening. Most of the time i am too late as i told you before. Happy me therefore. At the Limited Bazar an item can be sold out.
I took the denim necklace and earrings, the denim vest and shoes. With the shoes you get a denim bag ( not shown). The top of the vest had a bit a lace impression on me and that brought in my mind the lace skirt from Coco.

The Limited Bazar taxi
Wedges:E- Clipse at LB -  E-Clipse AsOs Denim
Vest: Fendty at LB - [fendty.lacey.denimvest]
Necklace: MiWardrobe  at LB - MiWardrobe - Denim Necklace - MW - B
Earrings: MiWardrobe at LB - MiWardrobe - Denim Earrings - MW - B
Skirt: Coco - *COCO*_LaceSkirt_Black
Bikini: Innuendo - *INNUENDO GROUP GIFT * FEMALE JUNE ( free)

Below is another theme that i like : marine stripes. The bikini is the new Groupgift at Innuendo. Tomorrow more marine in a post.

Bye bye, Nic

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Sorraya said...

icg glaube ich habe den fehler gefunden .es liegt an google .mit yahoo geht die seite viel schneller auf:-))
wieder blau weiß sehr süßer bikini .dann kann der sommer ja kommen:-)

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