Tuesday, June 25, 2013

in Nani's Garten

Verdant tp-ed Nic to show his new skin and avatar shape. She arrived somewhere in a dark shop and waiting for the tp to the skin and shape shop i made the first picture from Nic with her new pink hat with hair.

In the next shop Verdant explained how to get a free nice skin. Nic wears the free female skin on the pictures with Verdant. And Verdant wears the free skin and shape for men. Go to Unique Megastore. Click on the box to win a free skin. You get a hud.Wear the hud. In your screen opens a form to fill in. You need write there 10  avatar names. Then press send and share, then click the box in the shop again and choose fatpack you get the fatpack with skins and shape. Many skin options are in the packet. They are realy good.

Nic's hat with hair i found in the Mimi's choice shop. The dress is a present for the Seraphims birthday. The retro bag, the bangles sunglasses and the shoes are all from BSD Design studio.
On the picture below i show you also the armband with ring from E-clipse a gift at the Zenshi mall.
Dress: Razor at Seraphim HQ - Razor /// Seraphim Gift - Wallflower Dress ( free)
Skin and shape ( male): Unique - Male Pack Promo (by Unique Megastore) ( free)
Skin and shape ( female): Unique - Female Pack Promo ( by Unique Megastore) ( free )
Hat with hair: OC at  Mimi's choice -*OC* Summer Hair ( 1ld)
Shoes:BSD - ~~~~{{BSD Design studio}}Chic model black
Bag and sunglasses:{{BSD Design Studio}} RETRO model- red set withbag
Bangles: {BSD Design Studio}}Iconic Beauty Bangle
Bangle: E-Clipse - E-Clipse LaSchiava Rubin-Gold ( free)

The last two pictures are made by Verdant. Click on them to see larger.
Bye bye, Nic

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