Sunday, June 16, 2013

a man and his house

It could has been his home..this super beach house. Tjip loved it and it was perfect for a photoshoot. The house was from firefox islar. Was because today suddenly the house disappeared under Tjips feet. That is sl. Things come and go very fast and sometimes it is a pity beautiful things disappear. I still would love to see some places back that i liked so much. For example a harbour named Cinque Terre, where i used to camp the whole night.
Tjip bought this super jacket with striped shirt. Soraya found it on marketplace . It is a promo for just 59ld. There are more beautiful colors, but more expensive. The jacket looks great on tjip. I put a v-neck top under it from Gabriel and i used the leather tie from ::K::( in the shop from C'est la Vie)

Jacket: Cysleek design - PROMO  ~Cysleek=^.-=~Antonio Jacket with Shirt ( Mocha pink)( 59ld)
Tie: ::K:: - ::K:: Accent Tie Leather-Vintage
From inventory: Shoes - Coco; Sunglasses on jacket - Crickets( outfit eric)

bye, Nic

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