Friday, November 2, 2012

hey taxi!!!

Halloween is over. And Nic is going home. She wears a soft orange jeans from trick or treat hunt ( search a black cat) at Sakide. Sakide has 2 presents in the shop. I show you just the jeans.There is also a halloween top.  I checked today and the  presents are still there. The hunt will end on november the third. So run for this one. Nic wears a top from Peqe ( from the christmas groupgift) .You still can get it in the Peqe shop. Nic is traveling with her carry all bag. The bag has color change menu for the main leather and the straps. So you have so much possibilities to combine with your clothings.The texture of this bag is amazing beautiful.
Then about the boots. Soraya ( when you read this blog more, then you now more about her) was searching for Uggs. In rl they say Uggs are already not-done when you want follow nowadays fashion. But in the streets you still see them very much. I think because they are so nice warm. And ok because Soraya wanted them i put them on the blog. And i think Nic is looking cute.

Top: Peqe -  Peqe - Xmas Gift 2011 ( free)
Jeans: Sakide - GSpot Trick or Treat Hunt Black Cat #14 SAKIDE Gift 2 ( free)
Uggs: Blackburns - Blackburns Ugg Style Boots Set Black & White ( 29ld)
Bag: Indy&Co. - Indy&Co.: The Ireben Carry-all Color change
From inventory: Hair -EMO-tions (Finya); Eyes - Ikon; undershirt ( needfull things in copper) - Jane ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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