Sunday, November 4, 2012

a present from a friend

Joeylin gave me this NEW tunic, not for blogging she said but just as a present. Thanks Joeylin. But ofcourse i want this on the blog. Nic looks sweet in it. And i  show you with  the free city shoes from Patula House. Just there for 3 days. Go upstairs and you will find them there in many colors. The shoes have 3 options. You can see 2 options on the pictures. The beautiful groupgift eyes from IKON are marvelous. They are also short time in the shop. Just the first week of the new month, if i remember well. So hurry up for the shoes and the eyes. And go have a look at marketplace for Joeylins clothings.

Pumps: Patulas House *Patulas House Brown City Stilettos ( free)
Tunic: Paisley Daisy - joeys mesh patchu rose lace tie string tunic
Eyes: IKON - IKON groupgift November
From inventory: Hair- EMO-tions; bag- Indy&Co.

I can't log in at the moment because of maitenance, so slurls i do when i can come inworld. I hope you can.

Bye bye, Nic

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