Friday, November 2, 2012

breast cancer awareness

I know, i know october was breast cancer awareness month and now it is november. But we need not have a month to think about this and to donate. And after all the black and orange and purple from Halloween it is time for pink. I found these dresses and pumps and boyfriends shirt in the dirty little secret shop. Walk through the curtain and you will find it. Every piece is just 10ld. With all the clothings i show how i could combine it with the bag i showed in the post before this one. So many choices and colors.

Dress1: [dirty.little.secret]-[dirty.little.secret] :: MESH BCA dress ( 10ld)
Dress2: [dirty.little.secret] - [dirty.little.secret] :: MESH dolman dress :: ( 10ld)
Pump 1: [dirty.little.secret] - [dirty.little.secret] :: MESH BCA pumps ( 10ld)
Pump2: [dirty.little.secret] - [dirty.little.secret] :: MESH "the wanderer" pumps :: (10ld)
Shirt: [dirty.little.secret] - [dirty.little.secret] :: MESH BCA boyfriend shirt (10ld)
Bag: Indy&Co. ( see post before this one)

Bye bye, Nic
P.S. Also nice ballet flats there.

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