Wednesday, November 7, 2012

calling Elvis

Many pictures, because i can't get enough from what i see. Tjip wears many stuff from The Mr. Hunter Hunt Vol. 3. A special for men. It ends 30 november 2012. Plenty of time for you to hunt guys. The outfit is the first one you can pick up. The eyes and eyelashes and the hair piece (that i added to tjips's hair from W&Y) is from Madesigns.The hair piece is black/ white. I changed it into black. And yes eyelashes  you read it good. I am not used to eyelashes for men. But i can say i like it very much. It gives a darker and sexy look. Tjips hair and face gives an Elvis idea ( when Elvis was in his younger years). The eyes have the beautiful name: Confidence ~intense kindness.
You can't have enough leather jackets in your inventory and this is a good one. ;)
I made a picture from the boots because they disappear under the jeans. With a skinny jeans are these boots super. When you go to search for the pipe ( the hunt item) in that shop ( tip: go to the mens part and have a seat) first join the group there and grab the groupgift, blue denim boots.

For the hunt slurs and tips go here.

Outfit: Lash- Ware - <LW> .:Mr.H:. v.iii (free) #01( free)
Boots: Latreia- Latreia- Ken for Hunt  #28 ( free)
Hair piece, eyes and eyelashes: MADesign -Gift From MADesigns ~ MR HUNTER #05 ( free)
From Inventory: Hair: W&Y ( Apollo)

Bye, bye, Nic

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