Sunday, May 1, 2011


Many men love to hang around the waterside. Me too. Its is a pity it was a dark day when i made the pictures. But my outfit is nice and warm and sporty. Got it yesterday from the shopping sisters. They bought it for me in Paris ;)
Here you see it with the jeans that comes with it. The scarf is free from Mr. Poet. I like walking on my sneakers.

Outfit: *Solylence* - *Soly* Free pour hommes (Montaigne)(free)
Scarf: Mr.Poet - ::[Mr.Poet]:: wide scarf (free gift)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - [hoorenbeek] Nylon Trainer - beige/black ( once was a gift from a hunt)
Hair: MADesigns - .::MADesigns Hair::. Brad ~Dark Brown II

And a tip for all: wear black socks under your pants otherwise you see the strange inside of the pants.

Have a nice day ,Nic

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