Monday, May 9, 2011


Thassa, is such a beautifull sim ! One of my favorites...many hidden places.. even a lost city under the water. It appears when you touch part of an old roman column, somewhere under the water...go there and you will be amazed. Nic is sitting on a beach, showing you her brandnew pants... very good for walking in the nature.
Never can do this in RL but in SL it is so easy, change your hairstyle in one click. Here one of the sandy blonde hairs from ..::Sixty Nine::.. shop.
On the third picture you can have a closer look at the soft vintage blouse in blush.
Nic posing on a sunken ship in Thassa ( not far away from the lost city )

Pants: House of Beningborough - PARACHUTE CARGO PANTS ( free )
Blouse: Petunia - ::P:: Soft Vintage Blouse, Blush
Chucks: In Her Shoes - [IHS] Sneakers Green ( free)
Hair: Sixty Nine - [ 69] Jessica 02 and Mimi sandy brown tone ..i recoloured Jessica2 in brown ( 50ld)

Have a great expidition in Thassa, Nic

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