Monday, May 23, 2011


Yellow could also have been the name of this post. And again a song pops up in my head "tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree".
This morning came by post the gift of *G Field* ;)Because i once joined the subscribe-o-matic there. The maxi skirt with puff sleeves top combines good with the yellow bag i found at The Fashion Garret (TFG). And then i saw the three camisoles at the Komorebi Mall as an openingsgift. And yeah it had the same style in my opinion. It is in a gacha board. At random you get the camisoles, just wait till you can click again. I wear it with my white jeans from long ago from Mimi Coral

Maxi skirt and top: *G Field* - *GF* GroupGift ::Puff-sleeve Tops&Maxi Skirt -yellow ( free)
Bag: Fleshtone - Fleshtone :: TFG Satchel ( 70ld)
Camisole:***Ambrosia*** - ***Ambrosia***camisole[yellow] ( free)
Pants: Cupcakes - Cupcakes - BermudaShorts -White (5ld) or Pants White with black trim ( 25ld) but a super nice short is from mon tissu -{mon tissu} - Minx - White

Say it with flowers, Nic

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