Saturday, October 27, 2018

devil at the cemetery

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This year i showed you the more sexy Halloween outfits. I didn't torture Nic with bloody skins or scars. Nic showed you a dress from Safira with a rib cage, the burleque dress from Silvery K, a festive dress from Jana&Littles SL World (while Nic was playing poker with skeletons), a silky metallic dress from [JUSTICE] on the graveyard, the witch dress from Scandalize, Nic as a little devil in another dress from Scandalize. And now Nic as a red demon in the sexy dress from the gacha from Blueberry at the Epiphany ( ends November 12th).The tail and hairs are also from that gacha. Nic's hair is from Wasabi from the gacha at the Epiphany. The claw nails are oldies from PurpleMoon from Nic's inventory. The horns are also from her inventory.  The skin is again skin Jacklyn from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, available at the Sense event ( ends november 8th).

On the pictures you can see from MADRAS the deers Buck and Doe in brass, glass and iron. The glass ones give on the graveyard a bit a ghost idea. Available at the Limit8 event. From MADRAS are also the street lamps, available at the Cosmopolitans event. Comes with a hud for   the color of the flowers (6 possibilities) and the colors of the metals (4 possibilities)
From unKindness is the Gotic Cemetery Fence & Grave Mem set. Includes: fence post, fence crosses, cross grave memorial ( the large one in the middle of the cemetery)  and the fence entry. All available at the Ironwood Hills Event.
From [CIRCA] you can see items from  "Thornhill" for the new SL Syndicate "Trick or Treat" event. Go to the HQof SLS , grab a bucket ( free or 100ld) then come the [CIRCA] store for prizes at the special door to collect new haunted things! Many items are scripted with for example spooky noises. The VIP prize is the well. On the pictures you see the knarly forest trees ( without leaves) with bats and hanging lamps, graves ( 1 with skeleton) and the fire basket with pumpkins. And there is more to win. Each try 50ld.

Dress, tail, boots: Blueberry at the Epiphany - #12 Blueberry - Lillith - Boots/ dress/ tail - Common - Red  *M*/ (gacha/  each try 50ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at Sense - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - JACKLYN lights (NEW)
Hair: Wasabi at the Epiphany - Wasaby // Shay Mesh Hair Browns (gacha)
From inventory: horns - [CX]; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; claw nails - PurpleMoon Creations (oldie)

Buck and Doe Deers: MADRAS at Limit8 - MADRAS Buck & Doe Decor Set (NEW)
Street lamps set: MADRAS at CSR - MADRAS Zoha Street Lamp Pack (NEW)
Cemetery: unKindness at Ironwood Hills - uk - Gothic Cem Fence&Grave Mem (NEW)
Halloween Trick or Treat items ( see text): [CIRCA] -  [CIRCA] Blog Pack - "Thornhill" SLS Trick or Treat - Oct '18* (HQ SL Syndicate to get your bucket go  here) ( every try 50ld)
From inventory: trees with leaves - SKYE; pumpkins - //hive; grass - The Little Branch; thunder, lightning and rain- Colter's Thunder & Lightning Storm Boxed (5ld marketplace)
Bye bye, Nic

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