Tuesday, May 15, 2018

don't be afraid anymore..

Don't be afraid anymore..little one. That mouse came only to ask if she could use the Si-Gi tablet from Candy Crunchers.

You see Nic with ofcourse dogs in her office part of the house. The house is from Scarlet Creative. The office desk and chair are from Salacity. A ton of great sitting animations are in the chair, and a nice set of intimate/erotic animations as well, along with multiple texture options. It comes in Adult and PG versions. The desk has set of sex animations, and multiple textures. This desk is also available in a decor-only version. All is mesh. You can find them at the XXX Event.
On the desk some accessories from the gacha from Salacity there.You can see: the Smac book ( several and also a naughty version)  on the right, the coffee cups in black and white ( one with a naughty text), the stapler, pencil cup, inkjet printer and the trash can. The things in trash can are from Nic's inventory. Always good to clean her terrible inventory.
On the desk also a beach radio from Standby Inc.
In the room you see the cute spring bench with cushions and the spring painting from Kalopsia (was a release at Kustom9) . I hope already available in the shop.
Nic is wearing a silky set from Jana&Littles World. Hair from Rama.Salon, a gift at FaMESHed I added some chopsticks in her hair that i had in Nic's inventory also from Rama.Salon, a gift for the Summer Loving Hunt.

Dress: Jana&Littles SL World - -JL- Silky Set (relatively NEW)
Hair: Rama.Salon for SLH - RAMA.SALON - Sandy Hair (free)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer: MG - Necklace - Isolde ( was FLF item last Friday)
Mouse and chair pose: Something New - **SN~ Tilda- Cat and Mouse  (free)

House: Scarlet Creative: Scarlet Creative  Catskills Lodge   (old luxe box item available now in the shop)
Desk and chair (see description in the text) : Salacity at XXX Event - Salacity - XXX Event May 18 Swedish student desk and chair (NEW)
Office accessories: Salacity at XXX event - Salacity accessories (gacha) (NEW)
Spring bench and Painting : Kalopsia - Kalopsia Spring bench and painting ( was 99ld at Kustom9)
Hanging plants - dust.bunny at FaMESHed - dust.bunny - Hanging plants
Si-Gi Tablet: Candy Crunchers - Candy Crunchers Si - Gi Tablet ( gg/free)
 From inventory: Lively labs- JIAN (gacha); cacti -(NO);  Day bed - unKindness; rug - Pixel Mode; spider plant on stand - Cube Republic; Books with tour d'Eiffel  and the huge amount of books - Mesh India (book Gacha); beach radio - Standby Inc ( gacha); hair chop sticks - Rama.Salon
Bye bye, Nic

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