Friday, May 11, 2018

i know you like me juicy

Click small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. still loving faves there ;)!

And juicy she is in this naughty fruity bodysuit from Vanilla Bae. Why naughty you may be ask? Well this body suit is from the Strip Me Collection. Click the body suit and a menu will pop up. The strip me button will start to take one part at a time. I wanted show you but the little doggie jumped on Nic. I made a picture at the moment one part has been taken off (See below). The doggie prevented that Nic would be too naked on the blog ;) That's for private use. But you get an idea. There is a master button, that allows you to add one or more masters who can access the strip menu anytime they wish. Is this naughty or not?! In the package is also another texture with flamingos
From Nic's inventoryare: the tropical pineapple lounger and table from unKindness, the beach parasol, oils and bag from ::UNA:: from the playa gacha, the orange juice from PLAAKA (old group gifts/ unavailable now), ananas drink -Knot&Co and the cocktail tray from Kaerri. All to make the juicy tropical sphere complete.
Nic's hair is from Monso.
The nails are from the Summer Loving Hunt, a present from Dark Passions. See a close-up below.

Bodysuit: Vanilla Bae - * Vanilla Bae * Pamela Bodysuit - Summer Loving Set  2 textures
Nails: Dark Passions -BEP - Summer Loving - Dark Passions (free)
Cocktail tray: Kaerri- Kaerri Coctail tray
Hair: [monso] - [monso] My Hair Ruda
Lounger and table: unKindness - uK - Tropical Loungers Sets
Oils, bag  and beach parasol; ::UNA:: - ::UNA:: playa gacha
From inventory: ananas drink - Knot&Co; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; head - LeLutka; posh pup - JIAN
Pictures made a: La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

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