Saturday, March 10, 2018

the way to the next whiskey bar

"Well, show me the way to the next Whiskey Bar....don't ask me why...
For if we don't find... the next Whiskey Bar...i tell you we must die...
i tell you, i tell you , i tell you we must die."( part of song text from the Doors)
Click small picture to enlarge. My flickr picture is here. I love faves ;)

I hope the visit to this Irish bar, that Nic made for the upcoming St. Patricks day ( March17th) has a better reason then the need to forget all with drinking and girls in the song.

The bar i made with items from the Dublin Vineyard Decor Set from Mesh India from the Deco(c)rate March round.You can see the hurling ball and bat ( used in the blog post before this one), the wooden booth ( used 3 here), the Horseshoe and Clover board, the Panda Dew Beer crates and Panda Dew Irish Whiskey Barrel. On the picture delicious Petite Fours cakes for St. Patricks day a dollarbie at marketplace. The bar sign boards and the flag rows i made myself. For the other items see the credits. I made the pub in the primavera in Toscana Shed from 8f8. For a good pub on the Irish countryside very useful, as you can see also below. I can recommend to make your own bar for St. Patrick's day. Time enough to set up all and fun to do.
Nic is wearing a dress from ISON, new at Colbor88. The hair is a gift from No.match at the Liaison Collaborative. Shoes are from Amacci, a dollabie at Marketplace or as freebie in the mainstore. The skin is another one from Dulce Secrets at the Skin Fair, named Vierra. Eye- make up is also from there.

Dress: ISON at C88 - ISON - selena dress (sage)(NEW)
Skin: Dulce Secrets at Skin Fair - ::DC:: Vierra Cardamom ( NEW)
Eye make-up: Dulce Secrets at Skin Fair - ::DS:: Saoi Eyeshadow (NEW)
Shoes: Amacci - Amacci shoe - Juno Sorbet ( 1ld or free/ see text)
Hair: no.match at TLC - NO.MATCH_NO.IDEA (free)
Sitting pose with bottles: [RoLu] - [RoLu] Wasted  for a couple (35ld)
Standing pose with props - ::: Focus Poses::: - :::Focus Poses::: - Drunk Friends1
From inventory: choker - Meva (Dorothee); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; eyes - IKON ( color armor)

Home: 8f8- 8f8 03 primavera in Toscana Shed RARE ( gacha) ( marketplace or try your luck at the gacha in the shop)
Several items ( see in the text): Mesh India at MadPea  - MI Dublin Vineyard Decor Set (NEW)
Chair: Salacity - Salacity The Tease Chair Café Edition
Plastic chair: Salacity - Salacity Pollack Artist's Stool ( see better here) (NEW)
Beer Tower - Kalopsia - Kalopsia Beer Tower ( gacha )
Petit Fours cakes: Magic Party -  Magic Party:::St Patrick's Petit Box ( 1ld)
Dart Board: AJ Wroth - AJ Wroth Dart Board ( free)
Hanging ivy: El Patio Inc - El Patio Inc.Vines (free)
Heart Clover: El Patio Inc. - El Patio Inc. Clover PNG on prim (free)
Shamrock Neon Sign - JJs Designs - JJs Designs Shamrock Neon Sign (1ld)
From inventory: Cafe table - {BE} (old gift); guitars - {what next}(old FLF); bottled candles - [[E:L]]; hanging lamps- unKindness ( lady boss gacha); ice darts board - larnia; boxes with liquor - Silvery K; blue flower - Kazza ( free); ashtray - NikotiN; playing cards on table - Cori Sabena; palms and Trophy - Kaerri ( see here)
Pictures made at : La Beatrice ( thanks to Aqeelah Azhaar)
Bye bye, Nic

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