Thursday, March 8, 2018

hobby room

Playing with her dog or preparing some garden work, a place to hang her bike, doing some painting work. It's all possible in the hobby room. The hurling bat from him is there. The cake is ready for the tea this afternoon. A room for everything. Outside you can see the potted crocuses. Click small picture to enlarge.  My flickr is here. I love faves.

Nic is wearing a flower skirt, a gift from maci. The top is from an old Luxe Box from Stories&Co. by Flowey. Her hair is from the lucky boards at pr!tty. I was also the winner of a full desk set from .tree there. It is i think the furniture part of the pr!tty shop. See the set below. I already had the blanket curio from .tree (an old gift). Filled now with the group gift keepsake boxes in duo colors from Salacity. The other keepsake boxes in uni colors you can buy in the shop.They come in two sets. The artist chair on which Nic is sitting is also from Salacity. On the pictures you can see two of several colors. It is a chair with 10 different colors/types of paint finish for the chair and 29 different dynamic solo poses, including sitting and activities.
The Collabor88 March round started on 08-03-2018. The shopping sim makes it possible to shop already on the first days. And i did some shoppings there: the crate board side table ( see also below) and Nic's stockings. The can's from Lode combine perfect with that table(all cranberries).The sweet dog is from the new round of the Arcade. The skin fair opened today. Nic is wearing the skin Brigid from Dulce Secrets from the fair. From the March deco(c)rate is the ball and the hurling bat from Mesh India ( there is more in this MI Vineyard decor set). I will show other parts later on my blog.

Skirt: Maci - Maci ~ Dalia Skirt (free)
Hair: pr!tty - pr!tty - Brea - [All Color Huds] ( free/LB) ( store is active again!!)
Top: Stories&Co. by Flowey for Luxe Box January'17
Stockings: Caboodle at C88 - Caboodle - Blossom Stockings - White (NEW)
Skin: Dulce Secrets at Skin Fair - Dulce Secrets Brigid in cardamom Skin Fair Exclusives (NEW)
Dog: JIAN at the Arcade ( March round) - JIAN Glam Greyhounds 11. Wander Pup Grey (gacha/NEW)

Cake: Raindale at TLC - Raindale Fayberry cake TLC gift (free)
Cookies: [Etnia] Kokashi at TLC - [Etnia]Kokashi Sugar Cookies (free)
Desk set: .tree ( at LB at pr!tty)  - .tree {full set} -box-(free)( store is suddenly not active don't know why/ very sorry for that)
Home:  Scarlet Creative - Scarlet Creative Catskill Lodge Luxe Box Jan 17
Keepsake boxes uni color: Salacity - Salacity - Keepsake Boxes (come in two sets, each for 50ld)
Keepsake boxes duo color: Salacity  - Salacity - Keepsake Boxes (free/gg)
Chair: Salacity - Salacity - Pollack Artist's Stool
Blueberry en cranberry cans: *LODE* - *LODE* Decor -Dahlia Cans
Floor lamp: ~BAZAR~ - ~BAZAR~Toronto Floor lamp
Rug: ~BAZAR~ - BAZAR~Stockholm-Bedroom rug
Bicycle on wall: ~BAZAR~ - ~BAZAR~Stockholm-Bicycle on the wall (Decoration)
Crate sideboard: floorplan. at C88 - ]floorplan. crate storage (NEW)
Crates: package from the side table from floorplan
Watering can: hive // - hive // watering can
Ball and Hurling bat: Mesh India for Deco(c)rate - MI Dublin Vineyard Decor Set

From inventory: planting pots and bronze spheres - Mesh India (MI Palani Decor Gacha showed more here); potted tulips - part of Lunchs day for bloggers.Una ( showed here more); paintings on canvas from Serenity Style.; Wellies - [ bubble]; wooden shoes - Plaaka; snow drops - [keke] ; blanket curio - .tree; water color easel - Kei's (  old MMM); arts chair - BAZAR; daybed - Tarte ( old Luxe Box jan 17), bunny - BananaN; yellow trash bin - Plaaka ( gift); cat - (fd); kites - aDORKable; fence with ivy - Cwtch. (old gift/shop is gone/sorry); little drummer manny - R(S)W
Bye bye, Nic


Lemon Fountain said...

Pr!tty store is no longer there.

Nicandra Laval said...

yes Lemon, that's realy a great pity. It's unknown when the shop will return. It happened more with the pr!tty shop. I already wrote it in the blogpost. Saw also other bloggers that regretted it.
I am very sorry for this. I recommend to check the shop so now and then to see if the shop is back.
greetings Nic

Nicandra Laval said...

hello Lemon,
Finally the shop is active now at Senses with Lucky boards.
I renewed the lm.
Have luck, Nic

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