Monday, January 8, 2018

in the mood for sunny days

When i went to tram to get this cute hair from Nic, the sim was so sunny like on a fresh spring morning, that it was as if all the darkness of the winter days suddenly disappeared. I realised how much this little experience awakened in me the longing for such sort of days. So it was a pleasure, that i got this patio from Kaerri to blog. The complete patio is 49 land impact and for this round of Swank it is 40% off the price. You can prepare for sunny days outside buying this set. The patio ( with the water bassin with lights and the buddha etc.) comes with the chairs, the table, the vase and the book. Love the texture of the tiles. A place is vivid with playing dogs. The dogs are enjoying there time.The sound of the wind chime tinkelled. I hope all this will come soon in rl.

Nic is wearing a nice dress from Spirit from the gacha at the last round of the Arcade. Found it on marketplace for the gacha prize.  The moon necklace is from !IT! from the Christmas gifts ( still availabe for 1ld in the mainshop). The other necklace is from Mandala.The koi stocking and the shoes are from Nic's inventory. The shoes were some time ago a gift at Shiny Shabby. May be you got them too then. The blue eye-make up is from Dulce Secrets at the Designer Showcase event

Dress: Spirit - #5 Blue Spirit -Disa Dress Maitreya (gacha/50ld)
Hair: tram - tram G0127 hair / HUD-B
Moon necklace:!IT! - !IT! Cresent Moon necklace ( 1ld)
Long necklace: Mandala - long necklace  [Mandala] haramita
Eyeshadow:  Dulce Secrets at DSC - Dulce Secrets Designer Showcase -January (NEW)
From inventory: Shoes (EIRA/ navy) - Ricielli; koi stockings - Schadenfreude ; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; bottle - [keke](free)

Patio with furniture: Kaerri at Swank - Kintsugi patio (NEW)
From inventory: Wind chime - unKindness; zinnia's - JIAN, dogs - Xin; terra pot with blue roses - Lilith Heart
Bye bye, Nic

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