Wednesday, April 12, 2017

i can't get enough of this hunt

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Again items from the MadPea Easter egg hunt. I hunted like a fool again yesterday. I am quite addicted to that hunt. Became more and more fanatic. Had also nice contacts during the hunt. For exampe with two girls. One was wearing this lovely dress in spring colors. The model is may be not extraordinary but that doesn't matter to me because the dress is elegant and has a lovely texture. And the prize is very affordable, just 40ld ( with 4 textures). She helped me also to get the shoes ( with a a hud with 45 colors and change possibilities for sole, inner sole, straps, front and back parts). The other girl was wearing this hair from Mina.
The gazebo is what i was hunting for yesterday. During the hunt i found the extraordinaire eggs from Serenity Style: the Easter bunny woods decorations ( in lavender and blue), the cute eggs box and the funny rabbit searching for a carrot in the plant pot.
To Laura Azalee many hugs because she helped me to find the hunt items at Dreamscapes Art Gallery: the potting table ( from the Spring hunt/ search a vase with a daffodil) and the crate ( i show just the upper part) and the birdhouse ( evil bunny hunt/ search a holy egg).
The cart with flowers, the bell flower, the hanging flower pots are from the gacha from Mesh India at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.
The spring heart balloons are from Mushilu at the Season Story. Balloons for decor and for wearing (with animation).

Dress: English Rose - E*R Bliss Flowers x4 Lara Slink HourGlass (40ld)
Hair: Mina - Mina- Farah Light Blond
Shoes:-KC - -KC- Becky heels / close-up below (99ld/ was 75ld)

Decor: Gazebo: MadPea - MadPea Spring Gazebo (3000 points/ free/ need a hunt hud)
Potting Table: Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Potting Table* Hunt Edition (1ld/hunt)
Crate and birdhouse: Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Spring Crates*  and birdhouse (1ld/hunt
Balloons: Mushilu at The Seasons Story - Hearts Balloons Prints (NEW)
Easter bunny wood:Serenity Style -Serenity Style- Easter Bunnies Wood (free/Madpea Hunt)
Cute eggs Box:Serenity Style - Serenity Style- Cute Eggs Box ( free/ MadPea Hunt)
Rabbit in plant pot: Serenity Style - Serenity Style Where is my carrot (free/ MadPea Hunt)
Cart with flowers, Hanging flowers, Bell flower: Mesh India at CSR - MI Spring Flower Gacha (60ld/ each play)
Pot with crocus: *LODE* decor - *LODE* decor - crocus pot [yellow] ( old gacha)
From inventory: Chicks- Half Deer; lights in the gazebo- Pixel Mode; Quean Ann's wild flowers - heart.
Pictures made at: my home location,
Bye bye, Nic

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