Monday, February 6, 2017

he is so cute and crazy....

Who is cute and crazy do you think? .....
I mean this doggie from Nic. He is cute, crazy and funny.. I will name him Carlino which is the Italian word for a pug. The dog is from The  gacha  from Jian at this round from the Gacha Garden.. Dutch people have a song about a pug :" when our mops ( mops dog is the dutch word for pug)  still was a little mops he was cute to see. Now he hums all days and moreover he bites" and then the refrain:"waf woof waf woof waf woof and moreover he bites" Crazy song about a cute crazy dog.

Nic is walking on the beautiful sim Whimberly. Thanks Laura for the tip. I love it there. Nic is wearing a hunt gift from WICKED for the loves me, loves me not hunt (Febr 1-28), the bra and blouse. The leather pants is from Ricielli. Go to the part with the old  hunt gifts and you will find many nice pants there. Nic's hair is the new release from Truth. Love loose style and the backpart. Just a bit a pity is that, the back whisps,  is rigged mesh. No possibility to move that add-on a bit. So with a collar the whips sometimes goes through the collar. I sended Truth a notecard to ask for that. I hope he will help.
Nic's skin is from 7 deadly s[K]ins. This time i use the LeLutka head applier Breeze. Skin tone Pineapple. Close-up below.
Nails with hearts are a gift  for the Fab free group at La Boheme. Close-up below.
The pendant is in the gift from WICKED for the good girl bad girl hunt (feb 1- 28) -. You get also a dress. Search a devil heart in black and red. Tip : These boots are made for walking
Shoes from H@s are again very good to make with the multicolor hud the maching color with the blouse.

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - BREEZE mesh box [ LAQ ] PINEAPPLE (NEW)
Bra and blouse: WICKED - WICKED * Jennifer - Blouse & Bra (1ld)
Hair: Truth -TRUTH HAIR Miriam -  light blondes ( NEW)
Pants: Ricielli - R.icielli Adalai leather pants ( many pants from old hunts for 30 ld still in the shop)
Pendant: WICKED - part of WICKED * Iris - Dress & Pendant (2ld)
Nails: La Boheme - La Boheme Gift for Fabulously (free)
Dog: JIAN at the Gacha Garden- JIAN Love Pugs 8. Companion Light Fawn BOX 3 (gacha/each try 50ld)
From inventory: Flower- *LODE*(old gift); shoes- H@s - H@s Grace
Pictures made at: Whimberly 
Bye bye, Nic
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