Saturday, February 25, 2017

for the one i love

Ofcourse the first picture with my first bento hands has to be the one with the love sign fingers for the one i love. You already saw many of these pictures may be, but i have to admit i couldn't resist this one. Yesterday in the evening i decided to buy bento hands from Vista for Nic and also the Vista Bento ao with all the cute animations and the super detailed fine movements of the hands. I love it.

When you buy the Vista Bento hands there also is a hud in it and you can use it with your other animation overriders. Just put the random hand animation on in the hud from the hands and you already see the beautiful animations. In the hands hud are many nail colors and you can give every nail another color if you want. Nails in several sizes you can choose. And even gloves and a hand tattoo. This will cost you 999ld. For 2 skins ( from Glam Affair, the Skinnery and Akeruka are color presets. For other skins you can use the color panel. But it is a bit difficult to get  exactly the same skin tone with it. The hands are omega compatible so when you use a skin from a mark that uses omega then it's easy to get the same color for all.
The vista ao for bento is quite expensive but worthwhile.There are so many possibilities in that hud... to much to describe. Watch the video from Strawberry Singh about it here.
Nic is wearing shoes and the jacket with hoodie and shirt from Tetra. Comes with a hud for the hoodie and the shirt.  All so super well made realistic ( see close-up below). It are the Fifty Linden Friday items. I checked it and all is still in the shop now. The jeans is from The Hipster Fair, a gift from Azalea.

Jeans: Azalea at the Hipster Fair - /AZ/-Skinny Mesh Jeans  Fade BlueTHF2017- Female Gifts- Azalea( 1ld)
Boots: Tetra - TETRA - Double Wrap Bootie (Pebble) (FLF/50ld)
jacket: Tetra - TETRA - Leather Jacket with Hoodie (Pebble)(FLF/ 50ld)
Bento animation overrider for Bento : Vista - -VA-VISTA ANIMATIONS-MIRIAM BENTO AO-VENDOR(NEW)
Jewelry: Nord Embel'Lys  - Nord Embel'Lys  Pierres de Naissance Set unisex (NEW)
From inventory: Bento head - LeLutka; Skin- Laq; body - maitreya; Hair - DeLa
Pictures taken at: L2studio
Bye bye, Nic

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