Monday, May 11, 2015

Late mom's day jewels

Yes they are all my jewels. Tjips and the dogs and the cats.  But i also have some jewels for you . Late mom's day jewels. The happy motherday groupgift from Zuri Jewelry. They still are available in the shop. You have to pay group fee. Nic wears a top from *LpD* for The Chapter four anniversary. Love the shiny silver edges. Nic wears two wearbale demo's from Orange*Pekoe. The shoes and the long skirt. Always super a long skirt with tops.
Tjip shows you a part of a promo on marketplace from paul polo. The jacket with shirt, the shoes and the sunglasses. I didn't like the jeans from the set, so i choosed his logoro mesh jeans from Rispetto Designs. The colors of tjip and Nic match very well in my opinion. I had hard time to photograph them both. Most of the time i can do it all on my computer, but today the computer was terribly slow. So i opened sl on my husbands computer. Then i was running the stairs up and down to each computer to get them in the good position. Yes i know a bit foolish from me huh! So i hope you extra enjoy this post.

Top: *LpD*at TCF - *LpD* - *Judy* Top (Mesh) TCF Gift (free)
Boots: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe lil witch booties wearable demo ( 2ld)
Skirt: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - Spring Maxi Skirt Demo (wearable) ( 1ld)
Jewelry: Zuri  - Zuri Rayna Jewelry- Mother's Day Group Gift of Love ( free/ but group join fee)

Tjip wears:
Outfit: paul polo on marketplace - paul polo BANG BANG (55ld)
Pants: Rispetto Designs - Rispetto Designs Logoro mesh jeans ( 50ld)
Pictures made at: Luck, small town café
Bye bye, Nic

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