Thursday, May 14, 2015

head over heels

Can you make someone fall head over heels in love with you? Well may be ....when you wear the clothes that Nic shows you today. But ofcourse it need not be the outside that counts. The feeling of two souls that belong to each other is what counts in my opinion.

The pants and top are from Leri Miles Designs for the  May round of Designer Showcase. When you gonna have a look overthere then you also can pick up the dress from the third picture, a present from Entice. The dress has the nice name: " head over heels". So may be when someone sees you in this dress he will fall head over heels in love with you. But i think the same effect has the dress on the last picture, the groupgift from American Bazaar. That one is so sexy elegant. Love that dress.
Nic got her hair from the lucky board at Moon{hair}. The hairs in the board change so now and then, so you can pick up more  nice sorts of hairs.
The beige shoes are from S@bbia from the lucky board. The high heels are from Nic's inventory, she once got them as a groupgift from the gatcha machine there. The necklace from the last picture is also from Pure Poison, the last groupgift.

Hair: Moon {hair} - Moon. Hair // - Greyscales - Ninth Ave Reverie (free/ LB)
Pants with top: Leri Miles Designs at Designers Showcase- - LMD Malia Teal (NEW)
Dress third picture: Entice for Designers  Showcase -Entice - Head Over Heels Dress (free)
Dress last picture: American Bazaar -  [AB] Jessica Dress (free)
Beige sandals: S@bbia - S@BBiA::Cross Belt Sandals for Slink Mid (Beige) (free/ LB)
Necklace fourth picture: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Gabrielle Jewelry Set (free)
Shoes fourth picture: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Be My Half Pumps - RARE -  Slink ( free/ GG gatcha)
From inventory: Turquoise jewelry- Lazuri (Saffi)
Pictures made at: Crystal Gardens Estates

Bye bye, Nic

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