Saturday, April 5, 2014

military look

A military look also for males. I am not someone who loves to go in the army. It was just the fun of combining all what i found and got. It started with the new cargo pants from ::K::. This cargo is available at The Mens Dept.The two colored one is the wearable demo. The belt comes with a texture change hud for 12 colors.
"How to combine it?", i thought. Tried several things and ended up with the yellow jacket from ::K::. The free boots from Hoorenbeek i remembered because i got a message from Hoorenbeek at that moment. Later on i saw: the boots as gift are gone. But nice chucks are now the groupgift. Then i wanted a camo cap, so i dived in my inventory. This one is an old one from Le primitif. I went over to the primitif shop but couldn't find the cap. Sorry girls. But saw many very beautiful things there. Poses are from Posession from the Megastuff hunt. Three days ago i was at Tov Korea walked around and found this military place. Got the gun there. The camo bag on my back is from Ronsem. I was a bit creative. Got two same bags at the gatcha and discoverd that the texture and color were not locked. So i dared to change one.With a nice camo print the bag changed in a bag for the army look. A message about new eyes from Amacci arrived! Nic's eyes are the free demo. To go on tour in the sun the free glasses from Glow are perfect.

Pants: ::K:: at TMD -::K:: Cargo Shorts Bicolor DEMO Gift (unisex)(free)
Jacket: ::K:: - ::K:: Tailored Jacket Yellow (unisex)
Eyes: Amacci - Amacci Zenith Eyes ~ Twilight (free)
Gun: Tov Korea (designer kong.kira) - [KONG]K2 lowpol
Chucks: Hoorenbeek - [ hoorenbeek ] Kursk - Green (free)
Back sack: Ronsem - Ronsem Sack bag ( retextures  by myself)(20ld)
Sunglasses: Salon de glow Studio - Salon de GLOW -Poker Face-remake.sunglass (Gold)(free)
Cap: Le Primitif - :::LP::: L'Homme Revolte hat ( camo/green) ( not available anymore)
Poses: *PosESioN* - MEGAstuff WS Hunt Gift #73 - *PosESioN*
From inventory: Hair Clawtooth
Pictures made at: TOV Korea

Bye bye, Nic

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