Saturday, April 26, 2014

happy with used clothes

How happy you can be with something old from your inventory! It can be clothes or a chair like in the post before this one. Now i am happy with this hair from Elika Tiramisu. Long time it was forgotten in my inventory. I have to dive more in the inventory cupboard i think. The cute shop where i made my pictures is Mikunch and the second name is "used clothes". They have a new location now. The t-shirt on the first pictures is from Mikunch and totally free. There is also another free t-shirt (not shown). Under the t-shirt Nic wears new shorts from Leri Miles Designs. On the last pictures she also wears the top from the release. You can get many nice sweet colors. Another dive in the inventory for the sneakers. Old ones from pesca. But when you are searchings such sort of sneakers you also can go to Mikunch.

And here below you see the designer of Mikunch. I always like to catch a picture of designers on my blog to honour them. Illmiku was standing in her shop, busy planning for the next round of Kustom9. And it was ok she said to put her on the blog and she felt honoured. isn't she cute looking?
Her hair is from Boon in case you want buy such hair.

T-shirt:: Mikunch - aught town 245 gift(DFA) (free)
Top: Leri Miles Designs - LMD Marly Halter Sky (60ld/new)
Shorts:  Leri Miles Designs - LMD Maria Shorts Sky ( 60ld/new)
From inventory: Hair - Elikatira; Sneakers - pesca; necklace - Kotolier; earrings - Pure Poison.
Clothes from the designer of Mikunch;
Mikunch     straw hat
Mikunch     antique-op beige
Mikunch     under denim(roll-up nallow) light bluePictures made at Mikunch

Bye bye, Nic

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