Tuesday, April 1, 2014

a Gorean sim

With her new dress from !gO! Nic went to a Gorean role-play sim. The start was near the boat on the first picture. Then Nic went to the bakery and after that she had fun making a statue of herself when she was walking through the town. She stood posing on a wall and left alone there by me. Suddenly it became serious. I came back at my computer and saw a whole lot of men was gathered around Nic. What was happening? The men around spoke very seriously with each other. Nic heard something about an execution. In IM some men asked me if i knew the rules. I didn't, because i came as an observer. I got notecards with info. And i learned that an observer is not allowed to speak in chat. The way of greeting one another for the inhabitants is by saying "Tal".
I asked where all the women were. Most of the women are slaves. Gor is a man's world. The sim is based on the novels from John Norman.The Gor novels have been criticized for their focus on relationships between dominant men and submisssive women, the latter often in positions of slavery.
I hoped that it would be possible to have a role as queen, because i read some of the men can be kings. But no queens here. A submissive role is not fitting to me and the dress from Nic has a royal appearance  in my opinion. A dress to the floor that covers the body is needed and in some sims you need a veil.Women can be captured and enslaved if they don't behave and dress a certain way. A woman can't travel without a male escort, unless you are an observer. The men were all very polite to me and friendly in explaining.
This city is new, so they are all working to get it settled and running well.  There is more work now than play.
And what about that execution?  They happen, but very very rarely.
Thank you all Sirs for the hospitality.

Dress: !gO! at Secret affairs Event (link follows when it is opened at 5th of april) -!gO! Shae dress(NEW)
Head band: Xen's Hats - XH Pawnee headband
Hair: ChiChikie - ChiChickie! Annan - Walnut New Release (free/ subscribe-o-matic gift)
From inventory: Bracelets - Lazuri; Shoes - LVLE
Pictures made at: Samnium

Bye bye, Nic

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress. It has a very Egyptian look to it. It would fit well on Gor but, unfortunately, would be considered the dress of a slave since your sim is not veiled. All Free Women on Gor wear veils and quite a few layers of clothing not to mention extremely high platform sandals. While there are quite a few slave girls on Gor there ARE free woman and even Queens of a sort either a Tatrix as in Tharna (though I don't think the city has a Tatrix any longer) or an Ubara the female version of a Ubar or King. Very rare though as Gorean men don't take kindly to women rulers. :) Free women are always veiled from head to toe which is why many of them envy and hate slave girls because, not only do they wear less clothing but can come and go pretty much as they please (so long as the Master knows where they are and Priest-Kings forbid if they go anywhere else they aren't supposed to) without an escort. It might be noted that although free women do have escorts that is no guarantee that they won't be taken, the men escorting them killed (rarely are they taken prisoner) and the females enslaved. Especially if the woman beneath the Robes of Concealment is rumored to be beautiful and your sim is VERY beautiful. :) Your sim was also uncollared which is probably why she drew so much interest from the free males. They were probably wondering if they should try chain luck. I've been reading the Gor books for years and rarely is the fact that there are free women on Gor mentioned or that they can rule though it is extremely rare that they've done so, mostly due to the mens attitude that all women should be at a mans feet serving him, not the other way round. Oh yes, there are the Panther Women of the Northern Forests but like the men, they'd assume your sim was a slave by the lack of clothing layers. I might add though that if your sim did have layers of clothing and worre a veil, her eyes would give away the beauty underneath and she could possibly find herself in a unwanted predicatment. :)

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