Friday, February 8, 2013

small café on the harbour

You can see that Nic is having a good time, spending her leisure time at the harbour. Eating a delicious cake. Later on helping with baking. Then afterwards relaxing.
Nic wears casual clothings. The checkered shirt is a mens shirt. The weekly gift from Style Extrem and Upperman. Nic's denim boots are a new groupgift from Gabriël. Of course a good combi with a jeans. The Shakira hair is a groupgift from EMO-tions ( i think already long time there). The earrings Nic got from the lucky board from WTG. The corset is from the Torn Between Hunt ( runs from februari 4th till februari 22th). The corset is from Loordes of London. The bracelet is from the same hunt from Sweet Leonard. You need find a heart.

The other day  a feel good moment in her leather jacket and  with her new scarf from the Valentine's hunt at R.icielli. Each item is 15ld. I love the R.icielli hunts. Many beautiful pieces i got there the last years. And all very easy to find. Boards outside where you can see what you can get.

Boots: Gabriel - ::GB:: Group gift denim boots [mesh] ( free)
Earrings: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **PJ01** ear-pierce ( free, but group join fee)
Corset: Loordes of London - Atooly Hunts - Torn Between #18 (free)
Bracelet: Sweet Leonard - ::LEO-NT:: My Triangle -Bracelet-Set [gold/silver] TBH ( free)
Hair: EMO-tions - .:EMO-tions.. *SHAKIRA- ombre-groupgift* - (free)
Shirt: Style Extrem - [DW] - Flannel Black Shirt ( free)
Leather jacket: Ricielli - Ricielli Mesh - VALENTINES hunt item #9 9 15ld)
Scarf: Ricielli - Ricielli Mesh - VALENTINES hunt item #13(15ld)
From inventory: Eyes- IKON; Jeans -Decoy
Psst and here a sneek preview made somewhere.... but where?..i can tell you about this and show you more  tomorrow ...So stay in touch ;)

Bye bye, Nic


Dido Haas said...

zingt 'aan dat kleine cafe aan de haven' ^^
fijn weekend Nic
dikke kus

Nicandra Laval said...

haha yes that was in my head Dido looool verschrikkelijk

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