Saturday, February 9, 2013

fitness training

She is asking tjip to come to see her fitness training. Tjip is cracking his fingerbones and showing his muscles. Yes we know boy you have good muscles. But then she walks away and shows what she can.  He is impressed. You have talent Nic.
Nic wears her new jogging set from Klubwerk. And a mesh sunviser from Xenobia Foxclaw from Xen's Hats.

Tjip wears a set from Gigi-StyleZ. The groupgift for februari, a sportive look.

Tjip wears:
Outfit: Digi-StyleZ - .::DZ::. February gg male ( free)

Nic wears:
Jogging outfit top: KlubWerK - ..::KlubWerK::.. TOP/SPOTRY (MESH) 12 colors
Jogging outfit pants: KlubWerK - ..::KlubWerK::..JoggingPant/SPOTRY (MESH) 12 colors
Visor:  Xen's Hats - XH Vinita Visor
From inventory: Shoes - Kapone, Wristnad- Love Soul. Hair - EMO-tions ( free)

Have a sporty time, Nic
Next post is from the beautiful renewed sim Hazardous as i promised yesterday.

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