Monday, February 4, 2013

and there he was

Nic was dwelling around in sl, as always looking for nice stuff for this blog, but then hurried home because Chaos wrote her. He found her sl homeplace. Chaosfear, who wrote on her blog that he liked the slfashionista blogposts although he would love to see more male stuff , was suddenly sitting and busy writing on Nic's desk. Quite a surprise.
And the surprise turned out even better seeing this well-dressed avatar. He told Nic he liked the blogpost with the horned avatar. A blogpost i made from someone i happened to meet in a shop by coincidence. And the idea came up to make a post also of this beautiful dressed male.

So i hit two birds with one stone (we in Holland say: two flies in one smash ;) Sorry for my bad English) : More male stuff on this blog and a happy Chaosfear. And he was so kind to make a notecard with all the names of the clothings, the shops and slurls... super thanks Chaosfear.
As his name says, Chaosfear doesn't like chaos and you can see this when you watch his avatar. All very much in order. No stains.. his suit fits perfect. Skin shaved very good. Hair in order. But he dares to wear a piercing ;).Isn't it typical Englishman? I can recommend that Deejay shape from him. It is a good shape and you also get a nice Deejay outfit ( all together not so expensive).

Watch that super suit. I love the satin around the collar. And i love the colors. Men... when you want to impress in an orderly way, wear this suit.

Nic wears updo hair with a hairband and ribbon from SugarsmacK. I took the black ribbon in the menu. I never was in that shop before. The white  shirt is from Fi*Fridays. I love the simplicity of it. The skirt is a mesh pencil skirt. I found it in a hunt box at Shadow Moon. You need find a tiny painters easel behind a bench upstairs. In it is a female and a male gift. It is from The What Did You Grow Up Watching hunt. That hunt is over but the hunt item is still in the shop ( sttttt)

Chaosfear wears:

Eyes: MADesigns - MADesigns EYES_PROMISE ~ brown 18

Shoes: !AEC! -Part of !AEC! - Evolution Complete Suit + Shoes + Shape
Suit: .: L&B:. - .:L&B:. "Modern Black Open" Mesh 2013 Tuxedo Set / Hermitage v2
Skin: Belleza - Belleza- Ethan Tan 1
Eyebrow, Piercings, Shape: Zyra -  Part of >> Zyra << DEEJAY ~ Complete Male Avatar ( piercing was editted)
Hair A&A - A&A Ricky Hair Natural 3

Nic wears:
Hair: SugarsmacK - ! Sugarsmack !  : Bette  - Midnights

Pencils Skirt: Shadow Moon - JCP: WDY #3 ~Shadow Moon~ ( free)
Shirt: Sascha for Fi*Fridays  - *Ninia* Sasha Dress 1 ( 55ld)

Bye bye, was a pleasure to meet you Chaosfear,Nic

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Eliza said...

He looks ALMOST as good as you do! And I think I will use "two flies with one smash" from now on, it is so very descriptive!

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