Friday, October 21, 2011


All sorts of colours Vivi shoulderpet sends colourful bubbles in the air when you click on him...the scarf is from Harry Potter sim ( World of Hogwarts)..the other scarf from Sf Design.. monthly gift.. the warm sweater is from lucky board.. the pants and socks from same shop (a groupgift) warm and colourful dressed for this time of year. Both scarfs are also good for men. The baggy pants have more possibilities. Cute the glasses aren't they?

Vivi: Pixel Creations - Vivi Plushie/Av Box (Open!) shoulderpet
Scarf: Sf Design - sf design sculpted scarf colour change ( for men here)( free)
Scarf:~hanamachi~ - ~hanamachi~ box of Harry Potter goodies!(hit a sign on the backwall #25)( free)
Sweater: Argyle Anonumus - AA-Seasons Sweater Fall Lucky (free)
Pants and socks: Argyle Anonymus - Argyle Anonymous Gift 9/22/11( free)
Glasses: Concrete flowers - glasses ZombiePopcorn Hunt concrete Flowers #22 ( free)
Baggy pants: [NV] - [NV] Halloween Baggys Gift ( free)
From inventory: shoes: Maitreya, Hair with cap: Argrace
Bag: Miel - MIEL PUMPKIN RAIDER (free)
Picture taken at: vilenna

Have a colourful day, Nic

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