Sunday, October 9, 2011

autumn in my eyes

Autumn in my eyes and a dutch poem in my head..with the name "zwerversliefde ( wanderer's love) ..the first sentence is: "let us be gentle to each other, child"

Oh, let us be soft, and not
speak the high and proud word of love,
because... how many hearts had to break
because of that

We are just like the leaves in the wind
rustling along the edge of old forests
and everything is uncertain, and how should
we know what only the wind knows, child

Much love was lost in the wind,
and what the wind wants we shall never know;
and because of that - before we forget each other,
let us be soft for each other, child

I tried to translate pieces of this poem from Adriaan Roland Holst

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Let us be soft to each other, Nic


D e n i said...

hello girls ❤
i like ur blog~~and i added it to my bloglist
hopefully u wont mind
keep it up <3

Nicandra Laval said...

thanks Deni is ok :) Enjoy it and i hope lots of others :) Bye bye Nic

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