Tuesday, October 11, 2011

halloween inspiration

On a pirateship i show you my spiderweb dress. A very sexy dress with huge spiders on the nipples. It is a group gift from Wild Serenity. The bustier is from make her over hunt from Nectar (Tip: in a corner behind a column is the female sign) The earrings are spiderwebs. And i LOVE these flipflops with skulls from deviant girls lucky board.

Dress: Wild Serenity - Witch days ( free)
Earrings: NCparisdesign - Spider on Web Earring NCparis (free)
Bustier: Nectar - [N!] Symbol (free)
Flipflops: *DG* - *dg* hotflops skull
From inventory: jeans with skull:Calypso Giano ( couldn't tp there..Shop gone?) boots: Hoorenbeek

Be inspired, Nic

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