Sunday, January 13, 2019

the music room

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After some days of intensive cleaning from Nic's inventory and after a day with very nice meetings with friends i finally found time to make a new blog post. I made this music room in the Paris Loft sky box. It is an old gacha item (the Rare), but i could buy this one now for a very affordable price at Marketplace. Some furniture, that i used, is a preview for the upcoming Boardwalk Event. Starting 15th of January. And i used some items from this weeks Fifty Linden Friday and also i went with Nic to the Saturday Sale.
From the boardwalk Event are: the chairs, the round tables ( a clock version and a normal version), the blue planters and the rug from Storax Tree. The dominants piano ( with animations) from ~DsR~ ( RLV and BDSM furniture shop) and and the potted rubber fig plants from *Bent*.
From the Fifty Linden Friday are: the watercolor paintings from [FOURTH WALL], the leather lounge with blanket ( with color hud) from floorplan, and the cute cat from Jian. In the package are a companion and a wanderer version. Also available as FLF item at Jian is the Forest Cat. I already bought that one some time ago for the full price ( what a pity!).
The Paris cabinet from Madras i unlinked. The ornaments with candles are above the piano now and the green box is now used for the tabby cat. The chocolate drink in Nic's hand and the set on the table are gifts at Andika.
The table and the paperwhites are from the december gift from Granola.
The Paris books are from Madras and the Eiffel tower was once a gift from Yasum.

From the Saturday Sale is the sexy business jacket from Fashionably Dead. About the stockings i can tell you this. There are three versions: high, middle and low waist.They are recolorable. There is a hud with a cute animation for pulling up the stockings. You can choose this down version that Nic is wearing or the normal version. And there is a naughty wet version in the hud. Nic's shoes are a gift at the Designer Showcase event.

Jacket: fashionably dead - (fd) Sexy Business Jacket - Rose (75ld/ Saturday Sale)
Stockings: INFINITA - Style Pantyhose Mesh Gracia Rhombus Maitreya (free)
Shoes: ElvenElder at Tres Chic  - !EE Moon De Soul High heels (free/but gone)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - AURA lights (NEW)
Nails: PS... at DS - PS...Nails Just A Shimmer HUDS(free)
Hair: DOUX - Doux Earth Hairstyle [Fatpack]
Pose: Salacity at Pose Fair - Salacity Vargas Girls 4
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

Skybox: Apple Fall - AF Paris Loft Skybox RARE ( gacha)

Boardwalk Event (starts January15th);
Blue chairs, rug etc (see text): Storax Tree at Boardwalk-StoraxTree @ Boardwalk January (NEW)
Rubber fig plat: *Bent*at Boardwalk - *Bent* #RubberFig (NEW)
Dominants piano : ~DsR~ at Boardwalk- ~DsR~ Boardwalk Exclusive [The Dominants Piano](NEW)

From Fifty Linden Friday:
Cat: JIAN - JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection (50ld)
Frames: [FOURTH WALL] - [FOURTH WALL] Woodlands Watercolour FrameCollection (50ld)
Leather lounger: floorplan. - floorplan. leather lounge / cream A (50ld)

Sleepy mouse: TLC at Japonica ( until Jan 14th) - part of TLC 'Fox's Den'*(NEW)
Paperwhites and table: Granola. - .Granola. December Group Gifts 2018.(free/ but group join fee)
French desk lamps: Park Ave. & Posh  - Private Label Gift French Desk lamp (free)
Chocolate drink and set: Andika  - //andika[[Unhurried time]]cup-wear and decor (free)
Flying music sheets: Boudoir - Boudoir Enchated Flying music sheets
Music book (at the piano) - Fancy Decor - Fancy Decor Music Book (gacha)
Beethoven, Händel, Mozart portrait: Fancy Decor - Fancy Decor Portraits (gacha)
Old Music sheets ( on the lounge ) : Nutmeg.  - Nutmeg. Old Music sheets (standing and floor)
From inventory: Paris cabinet - madras; tabby cat - Foxwood; Eiffel tower - Yasum (old gift); Eiffel tower books - MADRAS; violin - unKindness
Bye bye, Nic

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