Thursday, January 24, 2019

let me overthink this

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"Let me overthink this" she says ... and there she goes again.... relaxing with a glass of wine in her underwear. I get strongly the impression that Nic is always is in relax mode or in her lingerie last times on this blog. Reason is that there is so much nice lingerie in sl? Or is she often in a romantic mood? Or is it because it soon will be Valentines day?

At the first picture Nic is wearing a bra, a garter belt and a thong from the gacha from Dead Dollz at the Epiphany combined with a kimono from :::UNA::: from the Hana gacha at the Harajuku Event, From that gacha from :::UNA::: she is showing you on the other pictures a nice top and pants and garters.
The room is in the Rick Forest cabin from Serenity Style.
The blue lazy day bed ( floor or bed chair) is from Salacity for the Boardwalk Event. The sofa, the puff chair, the coffee table and the plants and the vases with flowers  are all from ~ASW~ at the Boardwalk event. The plant behind the sofa is from Plaaka.
From unKindness are the art set on the wall, the black/white knot pillows and the metal sculpture.
The bundled kitty, the vintage clock, the eye mask pillow, the tray and the stacked bowls are all from the gacha from Dahlia at the Epiphany. I love that gacha and i am lucky with what i got.
Stacked cups and the choco orange stacked cups are from a gacha at unKindness

Bra, thong and garter belt in white: Dead Dollz at the Epiphany - Dead Dollz Erotica gacha (NEW/gacha)
Kimono and top: :::UNA::: at Harajuku Event - UNA & {Buing} Hanna commons (NEW/gacha)
Pants and garters (in pink) :::UNA::: at Harajuku Event - UNA & {Buing} Hanna RARE(NEW/gacha)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at anyBODY - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Marmalade Lights ( skin tone pineapple)
Soft pink nylons: Entice - Entice - Smack That Nylons - Lace - Omega/Maitreya/Classic
White garters with stockings: JuJu  - [Juju] Tokyo Sheer v 1.3
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia - Hair Aurora - Dark Blondes set
Bear slippers: REIGN - REIGN Beary cosy slippers
Body freckles: Izzie's - Izzie's - Body Freckles II (Omega Appliers)

Home: Serenity Style - Serenity Style- Rick Forest Col.
Sofa and more (see text) - ~ASW~ at Boardwalk  ~ASW~the Hadley set (boardwalk)(NEW)
Lazy day bed: Salacity at Boardwalk - Salacity Poses - Lazy Day Bed Rest Photo Prop (NEW)
Plant behind the sofa: PLAAKA - PLAAKA -FicusUmbellata (gacha)
Ambition decor ( see text) : unKindness - uk - Ambition Decor Set
Bundled kitty and more (see text) - Dahlia at Epiphany - Dahlia Lazy days gacha (NEW/gacha)
From inventory: cuddle fur rug *SW*; stacked cups and choco orange stacked cups - unKindness ( tea time delights gacha); blinds  Sway's; lamps - Trompe Loeil
Bye bye, Nic


aAlliAa said...

WOW love this blog and that skin. 💋

Nicandra Laval said...

very pleased to read aAlliAa,
Yes those skins are very good!
hugs Nic

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