Wednesday, June 13, 2018

au Bord du Lac

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Au bord du Lac.. on the edge ( or the shore) of the lake i placed the new home from Nic. The home is the Rare item from the gacha from 22769 at the Arcade. Nic is tired from decorating as you can see when she is sitting on the couch.
She decorated with items from that gacha from 22769.You can see the couch, a sideboard, a patio table, the tea set, vases, the driftwood table lamp, magazines, the deck chairs outside and table books. Yeah, i know i used that gacha a lot of times to get the Rare item. I can become very fanatic when i want that Rare. On marketplace the Rare was also expensive. Then try your luck Nic, i thought. I love love love this home. So no regrets about my fanaticism.
The bedroom side in the home is decorated with items from unKindness, my sweet sponsors. You see the bed, table lamps, nightstands, a vase with leaf, leaf wall decor ( above the bed), the leaf wall art  and the rug. All is from this new round of Collabor88.
From unKindness i also used a photo frame, the cactus in golden pot and bunt cake stand from another set in the main shop. Outside you can see the Vintage umbrella from Chez Moi. ( showed also yesterday). From Nic's inventory are: the hanging modern chandeliers from Pilot ( an old gift) and on the bed from Spiders Design a tray with coffee and brownies, potted palm ( Shiny Shabby old gift), wooden coffee table from TBF.
And what is the fashionista wearing? The dress is from Giz Seorn at the new round of FaMESHed. The hair is the same as yesterday but now without the cap. Shoes from G&D, a gift. Jewelry from MEVA, see yesterdays blogpost.

Dress: Giz Seorn at FaMESHed - Giz Seorn - 'Jasmine' Dress [Cream]
Hair: Taketomi for Club Taketomi - #taketomiWEST - GigiH II - Fatpack (50ld/ group join fee)
Shoes: G&D  - 06-2018 G&D Pump Lady Cream Group Gift TeleportHub (free/ 10ld group join)
From inventory: skin - Wow Skins ( last group gift); body - Maitreya; head - leLutka; jewelry - MEVA ( see yesterdays post/ the necklac is from this weeks Hello Tuesday!)

Bedroom items ( see text): unKindness at Collabor88 -  uK - Island Resort  - C88 (NEW)
Home and furniture (see text) : 22769 at the Arcade - 22769 - Au Bord Du Lac (gacha/ NEW/ each try 50ld)
Umbrella: Chez Moi  for Hello Tuesday - Chez Moi Vintage Umbrella (50ld)
From inventory: cactus, photo frame, bunt cake stand - unKindness; modern chandeliers - PILOT; tray on bed- Spiders Design; potted palm - the litthe Branch /Shiny Shabby old gift; coffee table - TBF ( at Marketplace 10ld); tulips - {what next}; dogs - JIAN; lipstick and perfume - [CIRCA]
Pictures taken at; La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic
A closer look at the beautiful dress for you.

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