Friday, April 6, 2018

irresistibly attracted to....

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Irresistibly attracted to ... (just make your own story)...she can be attracted to someone? The man in the jail behind her? Or is another person irresistibly attracted to her?
Anyway i wanted make Nic irresistible. And i couldn't resist to buy this hair, dress, the chair and doggie. Good excuse for all my expenses is, that i can inform you about the Pose Fair that is running at the moment. Many shops from good pose designers. I bought the pose and the chair there from Artis. And because of the dress i can tell you that the Black Fair is open (and very crowded and laggy ). It was so laggy that i couldn't buy the dress from Adorsy, but the designer helped me and did sell the dress to me directly. The hair i saw, when i was standing in the #Empire shop near the new lucky boards. Very crowded at #Empire. But  a good time to inspect other avatars. I had no luck, but i can recommend to you to go there to try your luck. Nic is wearing shoes from #Empire from her inventory. The hair from #Foxy comes with a hoody version, an normal version and an unrigged version and a styling hud.  The sweet dog is the Fifty Linden Friday item from Jian.You get the cute beagle pup  as companion, as wanderer  and in a wearable version.

Dress: Adorsy at Black Fair - adorsy - Ashley Dress Black - Maitreya (NEW)
Hair: #Foxy - #Foxy - Mishi Hair (Natural Ombres)
Chair: Artis at Pose Fair  - Artis - Angel seat (add) 2.0 (NEW)
Pose: Artis at Pose Fair - Artis Just Pose 2 ( 20ld)
Shoes: #Empire - #Empire Thunbergia.
Beagle:  JIAN - JIAN Beagle Pup Collection ( FLF/ 50ld)
From inventory: skin - LAQ; head- LeLutka; body - Maitreya; hair base - Unorthodox; neck ribbon - Silvery K
Pictures made at Backdrop City
Bye Bye Nic

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