Sunday, June 11, 2017

Irish melancholy

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Too soon we get old .. too late we get smart. Is she thinking about that in melancholy?

In every color this dress from ::UNA:: is so beautiful. But with this ginger hair color i had to choose the green one. You can find the dress at the june round from We <3 Roleplay (till end of June). At the event you can buy the colors: sky, white, pink, yellow, fuchsia apart. The green one is in the fatpack with 12 colors. Belts in silver, copper and gold.
Nic is standing in a huge rustic gazebo from DRD. It's the place where you arrive when you go wander at the sim Gates of Melancholy.
The hair is from Alice Project, a gift at SL14B. Three sorts of hairs you get from Alice Project. Two long hairs and one short. All beatiful and with a mini medley color hud
The SL14B event is at 3 sims. Took me some time to get all the presents because of the lag.
Nic's bracelets are also a gift at the event from [Z O O M].  The pose on the first picture is from FOXCITy for SL14B. On the table is a music box, a gift at SL14B from PATRON.
The pose on the last picture is from Salacity poses for L'Elite Event.

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Tuesday GINGER mesh box
Dress: ::UNA:: at We <3 Roleplay - ::UNA:: sofia ( green) (NEW)
Hair: Alice Project at SL14B - Alice Project - Mercedes II Gift (free)
Bracelets: [Z O O M] at SL14B - [Z O O M] To Love Bracelet (free)
Pose: FOXCITY SL14B Cake at SL14B - a FOXCITY Gift Bento poses ( free)
Pose: Salacity at L'Elite Event - Salacity - L'Elite June Brooke ( NEW)
From inventory: Head  - LeLutka ( bento/ Simone); Body - Maitreya ; Tattoo - White~Widow (Moonlight).

Music box : PATRON - PATRON  SL14B Gift Music Box (free)
Gazebo - Death Row Design - DRD  Gazebo Rusted
Book: dust bunny - dust bunny storybook living researchers journal( 50ld/ gacha )
Lavender: dust bunny - dust bunny storybook living  lavender tin ( gacha/ 50ld)
Table: tarte. - tarte, half moon table ( distressed)
Pictures taken at: Gates of Melancholy
Bye bye, Nic

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