Saturday, April 11, 2015

not feeling blue..just wearing blue

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No totally not feeling blue. On the contrary it was a day with very good feelings. It was a bright day today. I am glad to present you clothes from Linealrise Design. I posted from that shop before but now the designer ( a dutch woman) gave me some items to blog. And may be am granted to blog more clothes from her in the future. The Linealrise set is the one on the last pictures. Love such a loose pants with the pocket a bit wide. You can get this set in different colors. I liked the peach one also very much. Jump over to the mainshop and have a look.
The beautiful long dress on the first pictures is from the egg shell hunt. I love this one. Beautiful lace front part and the dress is so elegant.

Long dress with shoes: Euphoria Couture - EC - Providence (free)
Pants with top and shoes: Linealrise Designs - LRD Dazzle outfit Blue
From inventory: Hair - Dela; bag - VF ( marketplace ( 1 ld); sunglasses- BSD
Pictures made at Lost Dreams
Bye bye, Nic

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